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Halo Capital Group, an established leader in Small Company Lending Solutions, today announced the launch of Cashflow Renegade, a service produced to Small companies who are making an application for company loans and wish to get the most cash possible, at the very best possible rates and terms. Included is an individual examination with a Dun & Bradstreet veteran on ways to approach lenders.

According to Halo Capital Group Marketing Director Nate Rocker, the Cashflow Renegade service will be readily available for purchase on 11/1/14 and will be available on web site. “We are very thrilled to now offer the top merchant cash advance options to our business customers. Our customers have been requesting this and we are thrilled to provide something that can substantially enhance their success in the future. Our goal is to help company owners nationwide acquire get the capital they need, at terms open to their business,” stated Rocker. “We have actually spent a great deal of time and energy putting this program together and we know our consumers are going to like it. You just will not discover a better offer for the cash anywhere in the area. I am positive that we have the very best business cash advance service available for the small company owner. Our goal is to provide knowledge and insight into how get the best rates & terms in the industry.”

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Brooklyn, NY - Halo Capital Group, an established leader in Small Business Lending Solutions, today announced that it will enter a strategic marketing partnership with Cash Flow Renegade, an online course teaching business owners how to approach the process of applying for commercial financing. For companies going through this process, they provide a full 1 hour personal one-on-one consultation and in-depth business analysis with Dun & Bradstreet veteran employee on how to improve your rates & terms when applying for a business loan. They claim they help you secure 150K for your business with better rates and terms through the use of their system.

According to Halo Capital Group CMO Tom Feldman, the Cash Flow Renegade service will be available for purchase in early November and will be available online, at “Customers have been asking for this and we are excited a quality product hitting the marketplace that really helps people,” said Feldman. “Their product development team has done an excellent job of creating a service we know businesses will absolutely love.”

The creators of Cash Flow Renegade just recently released a list of what will be included in the course:

–How to Get Approved for a Business Loan Step-By-Step
–How to Improve Your Business Credit

The Halo Capital Group also has plans to provide merchant cash advance services for small businesses in need of alternative financing options. Their goal is to simplify the application process by bypassing traditional guidelines in the underwriting process to focus on alternative measures of business strength and vitality. “Some small businesses have been left in the dust, even though they are well run enterprises,” Feldman also states. “In our opinion, every well run company deserves the right ingredients to grow and prosper. They just need to be recognized and appreciated.”

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Small Business Loan RequirementsResearchers at Pepperdine University have completed a series of surveys trying to better understand why many small businesses get rejected by banks when applying for a loan. Their analysis has lead some business owners to completely rethink they way they manage their finances.

The university found quality of company earnings and cash flow to be the main reasons banks rejected loan applications. The quality of company earnings refers to the stability, strength, and consistency of a business’ revenue over a set time period (usually six months to a year) and whether this profit is is relevant to to it’s core business. Craig Everett, director of the Private Capital Markets Project at Pepperdine University, explains. “If earnings were higher this year but it’s because you had a big profit from a real estate deal and you’re a dry cleaner, that doesn’t count.” Everett said.
Not having enough collateral and debt liability were the next most common reasons, according to the banks surveyed. Although collateral is not required by banks all the time for medium to larger sized businesses, collateral is almost always required for smaller businesses. The Pepperdine 2014 survey found that banks required collateral 100% of the time for loans of $1 million, but that percentage dropped to 63% for loans of $100 million. Similarly, personal guarantees are typically required for loans below $5 million, according to the survey.

Some small businesses experience major hurdles when they deliberately drive up expenses in an attempt to minimize taxes. This ends up hurting them in the long run when they go and apply for a loan or try to sell their business. “A lot of small businesses, to be frank, really don’t manage their businesses in order to maximize earnings because they’re trying to minimize taxes, so they’ll have a lot of expenses,” Everett said. “But of course, that hurts them when they go to sell the business or get a loan.”

Although bank’s requirements make it tough for small businesses applying for financing, private lending companies still continue to fund more small businesses with their more flexible lending criteria. However, they often look at certain aspects of a business many people find a little surprising . Find out the top reasons private lenders say no, and what qualities of a business they look for on this page: